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Coined from wood and wonderful life, the brand Wooderful life starts from “wood” and “blends modern wooden crafts with the aesthetics of life” to demonstrate the pleasure and joy of contacting nature through the different appearances of natural wood.
Hand-crafted using timber, the products undergo several manufacturing processes to achieve completion. The intricate, delicate features carried out through traditional clockwork mechanisms greatly differ from the soulless, battery operated toys you can find everywhere.
Breathing life into this craft is no easy feat, but the people behind Wooderful life have dedicated their lives to touching people’s hearts with charming melodies and classic, simple designs in the hopes of helping people all around the world reawaken their fondest memories through the warmth provided by natural wood.
Wooderful life is the first of its kind to offer environmentally sustainable specialty wood craft items in Qatar that brings together the perfect blend of traditional and modern arts & craftmanship.